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Started by George Grocock a wheelwright who moved to the Blyth area in the 1860's. George was the only wheelwright in the village and was very important to the community. He was given the opportunity to buy eight cottages, converting three into workshops, three into a house were he lived and two were rented out. This property became known as the Limes from which we still run parts of the business today. George worked all his life doing over twelve hour shifts each day. He passed away in 1914 having had eight children, four girls and four boys, all of whom followed in their fathers footsteps becoming wheelwrights, one in New Zealand, one in Sheffield and two in Blyth.


The business today is still a small family concern with sons and brother-in-law at the heart of all projects.

Grandad Grocock - Nickname Goggy
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One of George's sons, like his father he worked for the local farmers and land owners making wheels, repairing carts etc. He ran the business until his death in 1958.
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